Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cold Couponing

It's been a while since I have had time to coupon seriously. But the other day I had a great time "cold couponing" at CVS. I walked in with no coupons, and left with 40% off. Here's how.

First, I had a short list of needful items:
Mrs. Fields' Cookies: 2/$5 ($3 savings)
Cascade: $7
Diaper Pail Refill $11.50 (yikes, twice the price of WalMart, but I'm desperate)

I always check the diapers for deals, and see an XL bag of diapers for $20, PLUS an offer for Buy one Huggies diaper and one Huggies wipes, get $5 back in Extra Bucks (EB). Normally I don't use those wipes, but they were on sale too, for $6 for the "Naturals" travel packs (4 pack), so were almost free with the rebate.

Scanning my CVS card produced a long set of coupons, including $3 off $15 or more, and $2 EB.

So I split the order in two, and used the coupons on the first order:
First order:
Diapers $20 ($5.50 off)
Wipes $6 ($2.50 off)
 -$2 CVS EB coupon
-$3 CVS Coupon
Total cost with tax: $22.25
Total Saved: $13.00

This kicked out two MORE coupons: the  $5 EB I was expecting, and ANOTHER $4 off $15 or more purchase which I knew I had!

Second order:
Cookies: 2/$5
Cascade $7
Diaper Refill $11.49
-  $4 CVS Coupon
- $5 CVS EB coupon
Total Cost with tax $15.36
Total Saved: $11.98

Total Cost without discounts, coupons, or tax would have been $60.44.

My cost, just working the sales and CVS coupon kiosk: $35.46

By picking up sales items, keeping my eyes out for specials among my regular purchases, using kiosk coupons, and splitting the order, I saved $25 total. Or 41% or so off MSRP. Cold.

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