Thursday, September 6, 2012

Recipe for Half-price (or Better) Pampers

It's a little late to be posting this... but it's a good deal if you can sneak it in today or tomorrow.

P&G Coupon (2) $3 off two bags/one box Pampers
Target Coupon (2) $2 off two bags/one box Pampers (these were mailed out)
Target Promo: Buy two BOXES of Pampers, get back a $10 GC
Target Sale Price (>$22 per box)


Pick up two boxes of Pampers in the size you need (larger sizes go fast, but if you've got a newborn, do it; you can always buy larger sizes and store them, so take advantage of what's available.)
Use all 4 coupons
Use the $10 on your next order (you can split transactions in the same visit)
Save a lot.

$20 per box =$40
-$10 in coupons
-$10 GC credit (use immediately)
Total cost: $20 for two BOXES, which is a decent regular price for two bags at about 60% savings in the largest sizes!

Note on splitting transactions: In order to get the $10 GC you must check the Pampers all out at once; so have $10 of other stuff to buy in the next transaction.

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